Adequately prepare students for college, the workforce,
or vocational training upon
completion of high school


On-time high school graduation and enrollment in post-secondary education


    1. Develop a technology fund to assist local school districts
    with software and hardware needs not currently addressed by
    their existing budgets.

    2.  Provide a testing assistance fund to help students take  
    ACT/SAT testing for college entrance, AP testing for college 
    credit, career counseling testing, and GED testing for drop-

    3. Provide grants to school districts to assist in guidance work
    to direct students down the most appropriate paths – college
    preparation, workforce development, or vocational training.

      While our primary focus is early childhood education, Ready! also contains a high school piece because leading businesses informed us of their difficulty in finding skilled local workers, something we need to improve if we are to attract employers to our community.
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