GOAL:                                                   STRATEGIES:                                                                            
Improve kindergarten
preparedness and
early grade student

Kindergarten entrance assessment, 3rd grade reading scores, middle school math proficiency

1. Expand home visitation for at-risk children birth to age 3 by providing funding to hire additional social workers for the greater Middletown area at the Butler County Educational Service Center (BCESC), reducing or eliminating current waiting lists.


2. Create peer-to-peer parent ambassadors for early childhood education at the Parent Resource Center.


3. Provide incentives for local pre-schools to work with 4C for Children's coaching programs to comply with the state's five-star quality early childhood education rating system.


4.  Expand home visitation programs for at-risk children age 3-5 through BCESC.


5.  Expand parent support classes and similar offerings at the Parent Resource Center.


6.  Subsidize transportation cost for some participants in these initiatives.



7. Provide sliding-scale pre-school scholarships
for families to enroll children in highly-rated
(three stars and above) local pre-schools.

8.  Continue our Ready Schools kindergarten
orientation and transition program in
partnership with United Way.

9.  Work with local elementary schools on
literacy enrichment programs for grades K-2.

10.  Provide community resources liaison social workers in elementary schools currently without them.

11.  Hire a coordinator to oversee implementation of these programs, to coordinate professional evaluation of their effectiveness and impact, and to administer a parent awareness campaign through social media, education health care professionals and businesses, and enlisting the faith community as partners.
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