The AK Steel Sons and Daughters Scholarship

The 2018 application is available for download (HERE)

To complete the online application, you will need to assemble:

·         Your invitation code

·         A copy of your most current transcript to upload

·         A completed counselor’s evaluation (click here to access the form: AK FOUNDATIION COUNSELOR’S EVALUATION)

·  Answer these essay questions AFTER clicking the “submit” button for the primary application. They will not open for you to enter an answer until after submission of the primary application.

o   Why did you choose your stated major? If undecided, please tell us in which area of interest you think you might focus. What are your future career plans?

o   What are your goals five years from now?

o   Describe the kind of person you think you are.

o   The AK Steel Scholarship is designed to recognize outstanding scholarship, service and leadership. Why should you be considered for this scholarship?

·         Print these releases, sign them and have your parents sign them so they are ready to upload:

o   High School and College Records Release

o   Media Release

·         Have a current  picture to upload

You may sign in and begin filling out the application at any time after receipt of your invitation code by clicking here: https://mcfoundation.awardspring.com/.


The AK Steel Sons and Daughters applications are scored by three independent judges, people who work in admissions at different colleges or universities. The top scoring candidates will be offered an AK Steel Scholarship. Semi-finalists will be notified of final status sometime in April.


If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be required to sign an award agreement and return it to us. You will also be required to fill out information regarding your choice of school and the address of the bursar’s or outside financial aid office (where the check should be sent), give us your student ID number to ensure that the funds are applied properly to your account, and submit a thank-you letter online to the donor of your scholarship. You must complete these requirements before June 15th. Failure to do any of these things by that date will result in loss of scholarship.


You will be notified in May of renewal requirements via email. It is vitally important that you maintain and update your email account. All renewals requirements will be submitted through https://mcfoundation.awardspring.com If you do not have an account set up by April 2017 or have not been contacted regarding renewals by May 15 of the current year, please contact our offices. For renewal you will need:

·         To maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 unless another minimum has been set by the donor. You will be required to upload your most current grades showing your cumulative GPA in order to renew.

·         To write a narrative of at least 500 words describing your school experience over the last year and updating us on your progress.

All items must be submitted by June 15th to continue your scholarship. You must complete these requirements before June 15th. Failure to do any of these things by that date will result in loss of scholarship. Extensions may be granted in special circumstances, but these are rare. You MUST contact our offices prior to the deadline if this is the case.


Payment will be made directly to the school of your choice sometime in mid-July. You will be notified via email once payment has been sent.

  Scholarships For:
High School Seniors
AK Steel Sons & Daughters
Louie Cox AK Steel
MCF Scholarships
College Upperclassmen
Non-Traditional Adult

Helpful Hints:
Things to do
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Common Forms:
Example ACT Form
Example FAFSA Form
Records Release Form
Media Release Form

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