Middletown Community Foundation Scholarship Program

All scholarships administered by the Middletown Community Foundation have a common application. We have scholarships for (1) High School Seniors who will be graduating in the spring and attending college in the fall, (2) College Upperclassmen (Sophomores through Seniors) who are 24 years old or under and who currently do not receive a renewable scholarship through the Foundation, and (3) Non-Traditional Adult (Students who are 25). When you are ready to register and access the online application click here: https://mcfoundation.awardspring.com/. If you have any questions regarding deadlines, scholarship requirements or attachments, please contact the Middletown Community Foundation at 513-424-7369 or email scholarships@mcfoundation.org. For technical support with the application please use the “Support” button within the AwardSpring program to contact an AwardSpring technician.

In all cases, it is important to note that merit is the ultimate determination when it comes to awarding our scholarships. “Merit” changes from year to year, depending on the field of candidates and depending on the scholarship.  When awarding scholarships, we choose winners from a field of candidates who fit the requirements set forth by the scholarship donor. Requirements might be things like: cumulative GPA, the High School you attend, where you reside, your intended major, and your degree of need. Some scholarships also set forth preferences which are then taken into account. Preference might be shown to students who have participated in sports or volunteered at a specific organization. It is important to note that a preference is not the same as a requirement.

Helpful Hints:

Things to do Before Applying for Scholarships (for High School Students)

Things to Consider When Applying for Scholarships

What are the Judges Looking for?


All notification and communication will come via email. Please be sure to use an email address which you check regularly and in which you have room to receive messages. Be sure to keep your email up to date!

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For High School Seniors

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Scholarships For:
High School Seniors
AK Steel Sons & Daughters
Louie Cox AK Steel
MCF Scholarships
College Upperclassmen
Non-Traditional Adult

Helpful Hints:
Things to do
Things to consider
What are the Judges looking for?

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