How to Seek Funding from Middletown Community Foundation:

  • March 1st
    Recreation, Arts, Festivals, Events, Sponsorships, Capital projects as they relate to recreation, arts, events, sponsorships.
  • June 1st
    Education, Workforce Development, Economic Development, Capital projects as they relate to education, workforce development, and economic development.
  • September 1st
    Human Need and Community Development, Capital projects as they relate to human need and community development.
  • March 20th
    Fondersmith and Summertime for Kids grants are due in the office by 5 pm. Summertime for Kids grants is for youth summer programming, with a maximum request amount of $1,000. Fondersmith grants are awarded to youth programs taking place at any time throughout the year, and there is no maximum request amount.
  • Access the application via the link on the foundation's website, fill it out, and send it in.
  • Submit only one copy of the application.
  • Applications can be submitted in one of three cycles, with specific subject areas considered each time.
  • Organizations can apply only once a year, unless applying for a Summer program.
  • Your organization's legal name, address, and mission statement.
  • A roster of trustees or directors.
  • IRS determination letter, Form 990 (or operating financial statement if not required to file a 990).
  • A signed grant agreement.
  • A narrative containing the project name, amount of funding sought, project budget, and project description.
  • Marketing and publicity plan.
  • Initialed checklist.
  • IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations may apply.
  • Organizations must be located in Middletown, Franklin, Monroe, Trenton, Lemon Township, or Madison Township.
  • Middletown Community Foundation does not fund individuals, for-profit companies, operating budgets, religious groups, political projects, endowments, or non-U.S. charities.
  • Collaborative projects are encouraged.
  • Applications should focus on meeting specific community needs.
  • Projects which foster the development of responsible young people in the community are also encouraged.
  • Staff review applications and assign them to a member of the foundation's Distribution Committee for investigation.
  • The investigator may schedule either a telephone call or an in-person visit with you to discuss your proposal further and seek additional information.
  • The application will then be presented to the Distribution Committee, which submits its recommendation to the Board of Trustees, which is held on the last week of quarter. You will receive written notice of the action taken on your request after the Board meeting, approximately within 2 weeks after the Board’s decision.
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