The Louie F. Cox Scholarship

The Louie F. Cox Scholarship is available to African American Students graduating from any High School located in Butler or Warren Counties in Ohio or who reside in either Butler or Warren County, Ohio.

Immediately, you will want to inform your counselor that you are applying for the Louie F. Cox Scholarship. There is a form he/she will need to fill out and giving them a fair amount of time to submit their evaluation gives you the best outcome. You will fill out our general application, which will filter you into all scholarships for which you are eligible through the Middletown Community Foundation.

You will need the following:

  • Your transcript is to be uploaded from your counselor’s office. You will send the invitation from the scholarship portal.
  • Your "Louie F. Cox" counselor's evaluation form will need to be uploaded by your counselor by February 1st.
  • Have a current picture to upload it may be used for publicity purposes. JPEG seems to be the best format to upload, but PDF will work too.

You will send an invitation to your counselor at this point to upload your completed counselor’s evaluation form.  This is located on the scholarship portal.

The LOUIE F. COX online application must be completed by February 1 at 5pm.