We have a pool of scholarship funds that are dedicated to Non-traditional Adults. To be eligible, you must currently be 25 years of age or older. Non-traditional Adults may apply once per year; applications are accepted between June 1 and July 1 at 5pm. These scholarships are one-time scholarships, meaning they do not automatically renew. Learn more about our scholarships for non-traditional adults.

Non-Traditional scholarships require two letters of reference. You must complete these items and click “submit application” before your application is considered complete. All application information must be completely turned in by the appropriate due date before 5pm. Until that time, you may make changes and additions to your application. By logging in, you can track your application to see what you have completed and what you still may need to complete before the deadline. Make sure that you use an email account that you actively and regularly check. This is the way you will be contacted by staff regarding missing items, awards, and follow-up information. You will be required to answer essay questions. We STRONGLY suggest that you write the essays in a word processing program so that you can have them reviewed and edited, then cut and paste them into your online application in the appropriate space.

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Please call with questions about eligibility at (513)-424-7369 or via email at [email protected]